What we do

What we do

StopBadware fights badware by working to strengthen the entire Web ecosystem. Together with collaborators and industry leaders, we:

Assist website owners

Badware education: Site owners can use our tips and resources to learn how to identify, remove, and prevent badware on their websites. Creating a new website? Cleaning up an existing one? Learn how to prevent website badware,  clean up common hacks, or protect your PC

Badware Website Clearinghouse: Our Clearinghouse allows people to see which URLs are on which blacklists at a given time. Search for your own site, or another you're interested in, to see if it's currently blacklisted or has been in the past. 

Independent review process: StopBadware performs independent reviews, upon request, of URLs blacklisted by our data providers. Our independent review process checks the accuracy and transparency of certain blacklists by allowing site owners to petition removal from these lists.

Perform leading security research and facilitate data sharing

Research: For years, StopBadware's in-house research team has analyzed data from our own programs and worked with external datasets and collaborators to illuminate topics like webserver compromise risk, factors affecting badware URL detection, malware reporting efficacy, and more. As part of the Tandy School at the University of Tulsa (as of September 2015), StopBadware intends to expand its research mission. 

Data sharing program: Companies with data to share can opt in to a data exchange program for badware URLs and relevant metadata. StopBadware serves as a trusted third party custodian of the data and uses the data to publish aggregated stats and to facilitate cleanup/takedown by Web hosts and other service providers. Learn more

Aggregated data and badware trends: Research tools, like our Top 50 Networks and Top 50 IP Addresses lists, highlight current concentrations of blacklisted URLs. We publish aggregated badware data to draw attention to trends that may require action on the part of network providers, and that reflect providers’ success in cleaning up their networks.

Advocate for a safer web

Publications and insight: StopBadware publishes and maintains a variety of guidelines, reports, and white papers. Notable publications include two sets of best practices that were developed to create common industry standards for reporting badware URLs and responding to reports. We also maintain guidelines for badware websites and applications. See our Publications section for a full list of documents we've produced.

Ecosystem involvement: StopBadware participates in working groups, industry associations, and conferences, advocating for a collaborative, transparent approach to protecting users.

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