Announcing StopBadware Stories

StopBadware announced today the launch of StopBadware Stories, a project to collect and share stories about the effects of badware on people’s lives. The project is part of an effort to raise awareness of badware as a problem that affects, and is affected by, individual Internet users.

StopBadware Stories is an extension of our online community. The site now allows users to submit stories combining text, images, and video. Visitors can browse, rate, comment on, and share each others’ stories. Authors are asked to agree to a Creative Commons license that allows their stories to be remixed, reused, or redistributed for non-commercial use.

Have you had an experience with badware that you would like to share? Or would you just like to read others' stories? Check out the site at Want to keep posted as new stories are added? Subscribe to the RSS feed.

[Edit 4/22: Fixed broken link.]