Seeking a security research intern in Cambridge, MA

Posted on July 28, 2014 - 17:04 by ccondon

StopBadware is a unique place to work, as any of our staff will tell you. We have roots in academia and branches across the technology industry; we operate in a highly technical space, but our focus is helping people. We're a small team with a huge mission—and we're hiring! 

We're looking for an intern to help drive some of our core research programs for fall 2014 and beyond. This is a one-of-a-kind role with tons of flexibility and room for growth. You'll work with a couple of us in our sunny startup space in Cambridge, Mass. 


DDoS targets in the Bitcoin ecosystem

Posted on February 27, 2014 - 16:26 by ccondon

StopBadware focuses on Web-based malware, but one of our strengths is that we work with a diverse community of security experts whose areas of expertise often extend beyond our own. Our friends and research contacts at SMU are presenting a paper at Financial Cryptography 2014's Bitcoin research workshop in Barbados next week; they'll be discussing empirical analysis of denial-of-service attacks in the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

They've made some interesting findings on changes in Bitcoin DDoS targets over time: "We find that 7% of all known operators have been DDoSed, but that currency exchanges, mining pools, gambling operators, eWallets, and financial services are much more likely to be attacked than other services." Currency exchanges and mining pools are also "much more likely to have DDoS protection such as CloudFlare, Incapsula, or Amazon Cloud." (Full paper here.)

Bitcoin DDoS targets over time

Research courtesy of Southern Methodist University's Marie Vasek (who doubles as StopBadware's operations technologist), Micah Thornton, and Dr. Tyler Moore. If you're attending FC '14, be sure to check out their talk next week!