StopBadware and Yandex partner to drive a safer Web

Posted on August 15, 2012 - 04:00 by ccondon

'Tis the summer of many new-and-excellent partners, and the beat goes on in a big way today: StopBadware welcomes Yandex today as a new Premium Partner. Yandex is, in a word, cool. They're Russia's leading Internet company, they operate the country's most popular search engine, and is the most popular site in Russia. That's a lot of Web traffic, in case you hadn't done the math! Read more about Yandex's past and present on their official site.

We're excited to work with Yandex in the coming months because of the company's belief in the value and importance of security and user choice. Like many other big Web companies (including most of our current Partners) seeking to protect users and their PCs, Yandex takes steps to protect users from and educate them about badware. For several years, Yandex has warned customers about potentially malicious sites; the company also helps webmasters of infected sites learn how they can clean and secure those sites and protect against hacks in the future. For obvious reasons, we're enthusiastic about Yandex's approach to both protecting customers and helping webmasters.

Yandex will be making the digital trek from Moscow to participate in StopBadware's monthly Partners Forum discussions. We're also exploring the possibility of ways to share data for StopBadware's new and/or improved Clearinghouse project. More on that as it develops!

If you happen to read and speak fluent Russian, check out Yandex's blog for thoughts on our new partnership.  

StopBadware gets a little dreamier: Welcome, DreamHost!

Posted on May 31, 2012 - 14:42 by ccondon

Okay, so that was a bad pun. Fortunately, our announcement today is anything but bad: DreamHost is our newest Partner! We're excited about all the nascent possibilities for our partnership–like brainstorming ways to educate webmasters about site security, using our combined techie power to help clean up badware URLs, and talking with our Partners Forum about new ways to analyze trends and thwart bad guys. Naturally, we're out to make the Web safer, and adding DreamHost to our list of great Partners will help us do just that.

Astute readers may recall that StopBadware ran an experimental URL reporting project last summer; the project's main goal was to test the practicability of our Best Practices for Reporting Badware URLs, but one of the major side effects was that we gained some firsthand insight into which web hosting providers were the most responsive to reports of badware on their networks. Happily, DreamHost was one of those very responsive hosting providers; we're particularly pleased that they've chosen to become a StopBadware Partner.

For those who want it straight from the host's mouth (more bad punnery!), DreamHost has a fun press release available here.  Onward and upward!

StopBadware partners with StopTheHacker, Arbor Networks

Posted on February 13, 2012 - 13:02 by ccondon

It's of the utmost importance to us that we try to provide a variety of perspectives and fresh content via this blog. We'll be the first to admit, however, that redundancy is sometimes cause for rejoicing. In this case, "sometimes" means today: we're happy to announce that both StopTheHacker and Arbor Networks have joined the growing list of StopBadware Partners. Both companies are distinguished members of the greater security community, and we're looking forward to adding their expertise to our ongoing partner conversations.

StopTheHacker, a leading provider of website security services, will be joining our partner community as a Sponsoring Partner. The dedicated StopTheHacker team has been in our orbit for quite some time already: they've been active and valued participants in our online community forum for several years already and were also part of our expert web host working group. In addition to financial support, StopTheHacker will offer StopBadware access to their proprietary web malware scanning technology; this will help us detect malware more quickly and accurately during our independent review process. Given our shared interests in preventing and remediating badware websites and supporting webmasters, we're thrilled to welcome StopTheHacker to our official list of partners.

Arbor Networks, a well-known and highly respected name in security, has also joined our roster as a Sponsoring Partner. We've worked with representatives in a (mostly) unofficial capacity before; needless to say (we'll say it anyway!), we're quite pleased to formalize the relationship by welcoming them as a partner. Arbor Networks has a history of experience and excellence in the security industry; their entry to our partner discussions, and particularly our Partners Forum, will undoubtedly be invaluable.

If you've been paying attention to our blog or other outlets, you may have noticed that the past several months have yielded a windfall of new partners and enhanced engagement opportunities. This is fantastic news for StopBadware and, we believe, for our constituencies at large. To keep an eye on our growth, see

StopTheHacker has a press release mentioning the partnership available here.