littlevoice platform now open source

A couple years ago, we started building a new web platform to serve as the basis for our online community site. One goal of the platform was to be easy to use for computer novices, while incorporating more advanced features for power users. Equally important was a goal of making it easy for someone to ask a question and for everyone else to easily see the most valuable responses and the most helpful users. Finally, we wanted the design of the site to facilitate the organic growth of a community organized around a particular interest.

The platform, which we named LittleVoice, is now in use by both and by our sister project here at Berkman, Herdict, for their discussion board. While we're not sure we've fully realized the goals described above just yet, we think the platform is off to a good start. That's why we've decided to release the code as open source and post it on github, where anyone can take advantage of the initial release and/or contribute to making the product better. StopBadware's lead developer, Brandon Palmen, will be coordinating releases. Here are a few ways you can help:

If you decide to use LittleVoice for your own online community, please let us know (feel free to add it directly to the wiki).