Grandma Got Infected by a Trojan

(To the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer")


    Grandma got infected by a Trojan
    Checking out her email Christmas Eve
    Now you may say there's no such thing as badware
    But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

She'd been clicking on attachments
As we'd begged her not to do
But she had to see the JPEG
That promised views of Brad Pitt in the nude.

When I saw her PC later
I could only shake my head
When I tried to load the browser
I was prompted to buy fake AV instead.


Now I'm so proud of Grandpa
He tried to fix it by himself
Using proper AV tools
And working through the night like Santa's elf.

First he tried a scan in safe mode
Then he used a rescue disc
But eventually he realized
He'd have to reinstall to quell the risk.


On Christmas morning we shared presents
And for Grandma we'd all seen
That the best gift I could give her
Was to teach her how to keep her system clean.

First I told her about patching
Every plugin, app, and tool
Then I begged her and I pleaded
Not to download unknown files like a fool.


See also last year's cautionary holiday tale.

Here's wishing you a happy, safe, and secure holiday season!

A light diversion

Security firm Comodo offers this self-promoting but rather humorous spoof of the cable TV show Intervention. In this case, the addict is a laptop that is addicted to malware. (Also available here.)

Fun With Security

Reproduced with permission[1].

Two security researchers with artistic tendencies, Srikwan & Jakobsson, have created a "set of cartoons": to educate users on a wide variety of computer security topics. I think they tend to be a bit too focused on scaring people into awareness, but they do have some really good content, delivered in a comic style.

fn1. This work is licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License": Please visit "": for more material.