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hacked sites

New Google series helps webmasters recover hacked sites

Posted on March 12, 2013 - 13:18 by ccondon

Today Google launched a new informational series called Help for hacked sites to help website owners whose sites have been compromised by spam or malware recover those sites. The new series includes over a dozen articles and more than an hour of video tutorials for webmasters of hacked sites; the videos help answer key questions, like how and why a site gets hacked, how to verify site ownership in Webmaster Tools, and how to use freely available tools to assess damage done to a hacked site.

Check out Google's overview video for hacked site owners:

StopBadware and Google have been working together for years to help site owners clean up and recover their hacked websites. Both we at StopBadware and our partners at Google understand how frustrating it can be to diagnose and recover a hacked site, and we want website owners to have all the help they can get to do it quickly and effectively. Many individuals and small businesses rely on their websites to stay in touch, drive traffic, and create profits that keep them going. A hack isn’t a small problem for most Web authors, so we’re thrilled that the Google team has put so much work into these new resources for webmasters.

Take a look at all Google’s new material at www.google.com/webmasters/hacked. We’ll be adding Google’s great new stuff to our own resources for hacked site owners in the days to come!