Akeemdom malware poses as ad network

Posted on January 13, 2015 - 15:45 by ccondon

A PSA from Blake, our testing intern:

For the past two weeks, we have seen a large number of WordPress sites infected with a malicious script located at http://ads[.]akeemdom[.]com/db26 (Google Safe Browsing diagnostics). This infection is related to the SoakSoak campaign; in this case, the malware disguises itself as an ad network. Although the exploit itself has never delivered content to our testers, we have noticed its signatures. The following code snippet is typically inserted at the end of JavaScript files located in the infected site’s /wp-includes/ directory:

It’s often found in multiple scripts; be sure to check all the JavaScript files your site uses. Sucuri has additional analysis here

Microsoft joins Ads Integrity Alliance

Posted on April 24, 2013 - 10:36 by ccondon

The Ads Integrity Alliance announced a new member this morning: Microsoft will join ad industry leaders—including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the IAB—in their public commitment to work together to protect users from bad ads. Microsoft particularly emphasized the relevance of the Alliance's mission to Bing Ads. 

When StopBadware launched the Ads Integrity Alliance last summer, we did so to emphasize the importance of online advertising platforms in improving and upholding trust in the Web. Over the past 10 months, the Alliance has grown to include industry leaders like The Media Trust and The Council of Better Business Bureaus. Adding Microsoft's voice to this group reinforces the importance of the Alliance's work, both to consumers and to businesses who rely on advertising to drive growth and innovation.

The Ads Integrity Alliance expects to publish an inaugural set of best practices in the next few months. We're proud of what the Alliance has accomplished thus far, and we and our partners look forward to the next phase of the Alliance's development. You can see the complete list of Alliance members and keep up with news and publications at