White Papers & Reports

White Papers & Reports

Badware Websites Report

An analysis by StopBadware of over 200,000 sites reported as badware by Google as of May 2008. The quick report identifies the top 10 network blocks that contain the largest number of badware sites. It shows where these blocks are located, and compares the infection rate against the global average.


Trends in Badware

StopBadware’s comprehensive update on the state of badware on the web, written with nontechnical internet users in mind. The short report is a plain-English explanation of badware threats to user privacy and security. It explains online security issues such as legitimate websites that have been hacked to distribute badware, social networking scams, and other badware trends that pose significant risk to the average internet user.


Badware Report

An analysis of selected applications classified by StopBadware as badware in early 2006, including KaZaA, MediaPipe, SpySheriff, and Waterfalls 3.