Additional resources: preventing badware

Additional resources: preventing badware

The following is an additional list of security tools, guides, and resources you can use to protect your PC. If you have not already done so, be sure to read our basic guide to protecting your PC

Operating system security

Microsoft’s guide to securing Windows

Apple’s guide to security configurations for OS X (Mac)

Security guides for Ubuntu

Browser security

A large number of Internet users have popular software called Java installed. Many modern applications need Java to run. Because so many people have Java installed, badware distributors frequently look for security weaknesses in Java software. Ensuring you have the latest version of Java can help you protect your computer. You can check your version of Java using this free tool from Java’s developers. 

Adobe Flash Player is another popular piece of software that many Internet users have installed in order to view media and other Web functionality. Check your version of Adobe Flash Player here.

The free Browser Check tool from Qualys* will check your browser to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser and all plugins or extensions. Open the URL in all your browsers to be sure each one has the latest versions of all software.

*Qualys is both a security vendor and a StopBadware Partner.

General PC security is an online community that offers computer help and tutorials. They have many forums for different computer issues, including a list of forums specifically for help with security and malware. has tips about online safety for Internet users, teachers, parents, and small businesses. They also have tips and a list of resources for recovering hacked accounts. is the U.S. Federal Government’s website to help Internet users be safe, secure, and responsible online.

Security guides for organizations

NIST's guide to malware incident prevention and handling for desktops and laptops (PDF