Resources for law enforcement

Resources for law enforcement

StopBadware has information on basic badware prevention techniques and essentials for PC protection. There's also a wide variety of information available on digital crime to assist both the law enforcement community and the people you protect. Some recommended resources are below. 

Training, policy, and government-maintained resources

SANS security resources

SANS Internet Storm Center

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security resources on cybersecurity

NIST’s Computer Security Resource Center

NIST's National Vulnerability Database

FBI information on cybercrime (and other high-tech crime)

Information for law enforcement professionals and cybersecurity from DHS and the Stop. Think. Connect campaign

Resources for citizens and communities

BleepingComputer (computer assistance, including security forums and virus removal help)

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) (The National Cyber Security Alliance)

FTC information on Web scams

Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center

Google’s Good To Know section on online safety

Many for-profit security companies (such as popular antivirus software companies) also have public forums and knowledge base articles on computer security and common security issues. 

Reporting and filing complaints about online crime

Report a malware website

To Google's Safe Browsing team

To StopBadware's online community

Report phishing


To the Anti-Phishing Working Group

To Google's Safe Browsing team

File a complaint about cybercrime

File a complaint with IC3

Report identity theft to the FTC

U.S. Department of Justice’s guide to reporting Internet crime’s guide to reporting online crime

For help securing your website, see StopBadware's Webmaster Help section.