My site has badware

My site has badware

How do I know if my site is infected?

One indication that your site may have been infected with badware is if your site displays a browser warning, such as "Reported attack site" or "This site may harm your computer." A warning like this means that Google has detected something suspicious on your site, and your site may have been altered or infected without your knowledge. Google and several other companies issue warnings about compromised websites in order to protect users—like your site's visitors. StopBadware can help you figure out what to do next and how to get your site off the blacklist.

Other indications that your site may be infected:

  • Visitors see a warning from their antivirus software when they visit your site
  • You see strange search engine results for your site, such as advertisements for pharmaceutical products
  • Your site redirects to an unknown domain when you navigate to it in your browser, or when you try to access it from search engine results
  • You notice that permissions or files have been altered, or new users have been added
  • You have email notifications from Google or your web hosting provider about possible malware on your site

How did this happen?

Most sites we see are compromised through a security hole, like outdated software or plugins, stolen passwords, or insecure permissions. Using an infected PC to update your website can also cause the site to become infected. Another common way that legitimate sites are compromised is through the ads provided by an advertising network. Many ad networks take steps to guard against bad ads, but this system is not foolproof. 

If your site has been infected, it's important that you take it offline until you have identified and removed the badware. If your visitors access your site while it is still infected, their computers may be put at risk!

Your first step in cleaning up is to learn how to identify and remove badware.