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Badware guidelines

Badware guidelines

In order to clarify what specific behaviors and practices may cause StopBadware to define* applications or websites as badware, we maintain two sets of badware guidelines:

  • Badware Guidelines for Software Applications: These guidelines establish a minimum set of standards for software behavior that all applications should meet or exceed, including examples of potentially unwanted or deceptive behavior.
  • Badware Guidelines for Websites: These guidelines identify behaviors that may cause a website to be classified as a badware website. StopBadware consults these guidelines when conducting independent reviews of websites that have been reported by our data providers as badware.

Both sets of guidelines were drafted with input from industry stakeholders, security researchers, and the general public through a notice and public comment procedure. We periodically review and update our guidelines, and we welcome feedback from members of the Internet community. To comment on our guidelines, please contact us.

*Please note: StopBadware does not have a website blacklist. We also do not currently engage in any activities that pertain to classification of applications as malicious. Our guidelines are for informational and advocacy purposes only.