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Get Involved

StopBadware works with individuals and organizations who are committed to addressing the badware problem collaboratively and transparently. To stay connected with us and our work:

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We welcome individuals of any technical ability to the StopBadware community. One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and others online is to prevent badware on your computer or your website—or teach someone else, such as a parent or neighbor, how to secure their PC or website: Prevent badware.

Other ways to get involved with us:

Report a badware URL to our community.

Help us out by donating. StopBadware is a not-for-profit project, and we rely on donations to maintain our independent status.


If your company produces a feed of malware URLs or related malware data, contribute to research and takedown efforts by joining our Data Sharing Program

Hosts and other network providers can contribute to a safer web by following StopBadware's best practices for web hosting providers. The best practices were developed in 2011 by a top-notch working group that sought to create a framework for ways hosting and other providers can effectively respond to reports of badware on their networks. 

Want to work with us on research or other longer-term projects? Get in touch!