MarkMonitor, Fortinet, and Sucuri are new StopBadware Partners

Posted on January 31, 2013 - 14:27 by ccondon

Therefore and thusly we doth decree: StopBadware’s first new partnerships of 2013 have been formed! Today we welcome a trio of security samurais, a triplicate of vulnerability vanquishers, a boisterous band of badware bashers: MarkMonitor, Fortinet, and Sucuri. All three of these companies will contribute their perspectives on security, recent attacks, and the evolving threatscape to StopBadware’s Partners Forum discussions.

New badware stats page

Fairly often, a reporter, a partner, or another contact asks us for statistics about badware: how many bad websites exist, how many computers get infected each day, what do users understand about the threat, etc. These are complex questions to answer, and StopBadware does not always have the information or time to answer them. We do, however, frequently come across useful and interesting stats in third party reports.