StopBadware, now with 280% more Partners

It all started with a simple question: how can we get leading technology companies to support StopBadware’s work? It was a bit over a year ago, and we were struggling to expand our network from a core group of early supporters—Google, PayPal, Mozilla, Verizon, and SoftLayer—to the large, diverse constituency we knew was necessary to step up the fight against badware. Nearly everyone we talked to, whether in marketing, security, or the executive suite, said they liked what we were doing, but they weren’t prepared to become sponsors. So, we started to ask them why.

Ads Integrity Alliance open to new members

The Ads Integrity Alliance, a program we launched this summer to protect users from bad ads, is now open to new members! If your organization is focused on online advertising, and you want to join folks like Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, and the IAB in this new effort, head over to the membership section of the Alliance website for more information.

StopBadware and CloudFlare partner: A safer Web is imminent!

Posted on October 5, 2012 - 09:52 by ccondon

We've known the good people at CloudFlare for a couple of years now. CloudFlare security gurus have participated in some of our working groups, we've talked to them about warnings and other user education initiatives, and we've exchanged security high-fives and awkward ultra-graceful fist bumps at conferences. Today it's our pleasure to announce that CloudFlare is the newest StopBadware Partner.