Announcing the Ads Integrity Alliance

Posted on June 14, 2012 - 08:44 by ccondon

At StopBadware, we participate in a unique combination of on-the-ground badware defense and high level multi-stakeholder initiatives that have a far-reaching positive effect on the security ecosystem. On particularly auspicious days, we get to connect these two parts of our job in ways that are extremely rewarding both for us and for the people we work with – whether those people are consumer webmasters dealing with a hacked site or policy executives at big Internet companies.

Today is an auspicious day. StopBadware is proud to announce the launch of the Ads Integrity Alliance, a collaborative initiative to protect users from bad ads and maintain trust in the online advertising ecosystem. The Alliance's charter members include Facebook, Google, Twitter, AOL, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB); each of these organizations is deeply invested in maintaining the integrity of the advertising infrastructure that supports your favorite websites and online companies.

As many Internet users are aware, online advertising is a driving force in business on the Web. Advertising allows your favorite platforms and services –like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Search– to get to know you, understand what you want, and interact with you more personally. What many people may not realize is that with the success of online advertising come bad actors who abuse the system and threaten the trust people place in their favorite sites. Companies like the Alliance's charter members already work hard to protect users from bad ads, such as those that deliver malware, direct users to scams, or sell counterfeit goods. The Ads Integrity Alliance will allow these companies to work together and build upon existing efforts to protect users.

StopBadware is proud to be spearheading this collaborative effort. We regularly encounter people and organizations that are affected by bad ads, and we know firsthand the damage this abuse can cause. The Alliance is a natural extension of our mission and our ethos; we're excited to work together with these industry leaders to stop the proliferation of bad ads and create a more trustworthy Web infrastructure for all users.

To learn more about the Ads Integrity Alliance and its activities, visit A press release with additional details is available at We're also hiring a part-time program manager to oversee the program. The job description is available here.


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