A Nightmare Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house
Not a sound could be heard, 'cept the click of a mouse;
The browser was open to Facebook, where else?
As friends posted updates about kittens and elves;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of smartphones danc'd in their heads,
And my wife at her laptop, and I at my desk,
Had just settled our brains for a much needed rest—
When out of my speakers there arose such a clatter,
I suspended a chat to see what was the matter.

To a shiny new window I shifted my gaze,
But then it was gone, leaving me in a daze.
The glare of the screen and the whir of the drive,
Made me think I was safe, and my PC alive;

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a dialog box, which just filled me with fear,
With a little old message, so simple and spare,
I knew in a moment it must be malware.

"Your files are hostages, don't start to doubt,
And you'll pay us a ransom to get them back out."
"My Word docs, my e-mails, my photos and Quicken,
appointments and bookmarks and music, all missin'!"

"To Facebook Security, to the search engines too,
I need a solution! Please, someone, come through!"

As soon as it happened, I asked myself why,
And I thought it all through, then I said with a sigh,
"You never did update your browser or Flash,
and you still click on links that offer free cash.
You use anti-virus that's three years too old,
and you click through the warnings, no matter how bold."

But now it was too late to beat up myself,
I needed the help of some friendly elf.
And then in a twinkling, I saw in a post
Just what to do if your files were toast.

As I followed directions, my fingers were crossed,
I just hoped and prayed that all was not lost.
An hour passed, and then it was three,
I rebooted again, and my files all were free!

Embarrassed, I posted my tale on my Wall,
to serve as a warning for friends one and all.
"You're lucky," said one, "some malware is worse."
Lucky or not, this stuff is a curse.

So with that I learned a good lesson or two
about patching my software and thinking things through
before clicking on links that just don't make sense
and backing up files before things get tense.

Now I leave you with this as I turn out my light—
A safe Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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A Nightmare Before Christmas

Betty Dietz Stone says:

Why am I getting the message of limited wall messages that I might have a malware when my security says all clear an yes I have ran it a couple of times whats up? I play games and its hard to progress if people can't see what your doing HELP!!!
I ran a full system scan and it says all corrected. So will I be able to post now?
I can't post any notifications to my friends from Farm-ville how much longer will that be?
Please email me and let me know. Thank you for your help. I have a really good antivirus on here, so what else can I do to fix it?

josie kirksey says:

Hi , i cannot post anything or answer im's..i already have windows 7 ?? please help..tysm

Judy says:

What's up with the blocking of my account?
I too have run my McAfee program and everything is all clear. Your games have not worked correctly for months and it's one thing after another. I am tired of all the problems and going to quit...

I use Google Chrome and clear the cache and cookies and run protection all the time.

Simone says:

My account says I am unable to post or will have limited access to my account but does n't say why?????? What's going on !!! My norton is up to date and I scan every day ??? I can't find any help for this on facebook please HELP ??

dougie709@hotma... says:

Right On!!!!!!!!!!!1 says:

my facebook keeps locking me out and not letting me send messages. What is going on??? Please fix this problem. I enjoy facebook, but this is very frustrating and has been going on since before christmas

Jane says:

i think the sight Delicious.Curves is sick and exploits women.

Should not be on here at all.

tina mayne says:

in my house i have 9 people that use my pc we cant afford all of us to have one so what are we suppose to do we do have 3 pcs but that still leaves the rest using one now i cant talk to friends n family cause we all share a pc thats just not fair please try to fix this for us

Diane Benskin says:

I feel the same as number 68. You have blocked my account from being able to post for a few days. How long is a few days? It has been 6 or seven days now. I have run my Norton Protection twice and you are still saying blocked for a few days. What do I do now? I want to be able to ask for help and send gifts to my neighbors and friends on FarmVille and CityVille. That is a big part of these games. Just tell me what to do. Do I need to close my Facebook account and start all over? Help!

Nitin Agarwal says:

I am also suffering from the same malware issue which is creating a lot of trouble as my facebook account is not working and i am not able to post and my homepage is redirected to another page url:
but after completing the survey it dont view my homepage and again and again there us the same problem......what tooo dooooo......
neeed helppp guyzzzz ........

hilmi lachhab says:

my is not partge le vode says:

For security reasons, your account has limited access to the site for a few days. If you have any question, please contact our Help Center.

what is the meaning of this? my computer is clean. no virus/malware. nah! facebook.. you need to recover my account. please.. i need to greet my parents/relatives and friends.. but i can't because of this! errr!

Dave D says:

Two words: Oy. Vey.

Alice Goodman says:

Too True!!!!!!

Paul K-S says:

Hoping 2012 has fewer malware goblins for us all. Sprinkle some pixie dust for us, Max, so malware miscreants magically wake up with a new mission in life and devote their energies to healing the world's pain instead of creating more.

Lois Zarish says:

Hi Max,
This is so cute. I will print it out and save it with my Christmas stuff. says:

loved it says:

<3~~~~~~LOVED IT ~~~~~~~~~<3

Binoy says:

It was really good :) Will link to it from my blog

chris says:

really good

manoj hulge says:


faizal says:

really good

goga says:


mido_lovely9036... says:

انا عاوز اخÙÙ‰ الاصدقاء والصور وكده

samchkuashvili.... says:


Steven says:

excellent says:

Well done.

vengat san says:

ya really nice nd thanks 2 facebook....

Junus says:

A Great thing

saputralin.dick... says:


saputralin.dick... says:

Hoping 2012 has fewer malware
goblins for us all. Sprinkle some pixie
dust for us, Max, so malware
miscreants magically wake up with a
new mission in life and devote their
energies to healing the world's pain instead of creating more.

Basmah Faeza Ahmed says:

Really nice.... says:

Yes relly i like facebook

soufiane says:

Body can't be blank

Lisa Tammawela says:

Very nice......many thanks facebook, regards

dracogreenleaf says:

the bad thing with malware is that it is continualy up dating and somethimes u just dont have the cash to update ur security programing. Some new malware only needs a computer user to open their email, not even the message that it is attached to, and it can take over ur computer. Some even sit in ur computer for months and then it become almost impossible to trace back. The only way to keep ur files really safe is to run ur files through a security program and back them up once a month then follow that up with yearly reimaging at a computer repare or service center. Some places even include security upgrades with a reimaging.

TerrI says:

I too have copied and saved. Very good job on this one.
For others who are having the same problems that we have all had since the internet became the family uses Webroot and out of all that I have ever purchased, they seem to be the absolute best ever. We are now at 3 years using it and not a problem has risen yet. Well, almost. I clicked a link that I had better sense to do. But that wasn't Webroot's fault. It was mine. So, hoping it is ok to promote an anti-virus software...give it a try if you want. I think it is $40 at Walmart. Not bad when you have a lot of sensitive things stored on your computer.

kalamhassan says:

Realy nice thanks 2facebookfriend

linda says:

kool says:

Does that mean Malware is no good?

Laurrine says:

ty for the info

sarozkerongilama says:

thnks for help me...

Bronz says:

ALERT: copied from Facebook fake Apps and Games notification. Do not click it...!!!

HeĮp Cenƚer
Security system to have found an indication that you violated the "Terms of Service" (TOS) containing the prohibited article. And have detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. It is issued to help identify you as the owner of the account. If within 24 hours your account have not been confirmed, then we will disable your account. Thank you. Facebook Help Center.For proof of ownership of your original account.

sam mah says:

qiero retirar todas las publicaciones en mi pagina de facebook y recuperar mi cuenta en facebook gracias



kizzim2cool says:

thanks for this reality check ;)

biplab says:

yeah,i appreciate it very true words

zeineb snousii says:

je ne peux pas envoyer des mesagess instantannés

madamegar says:

No,you can't take my cupcakes!

Dubravko Seršić says:

I got a problem for 3 days with this link: , it sends me a virus and I don't know how to get free of that stuff, if can someone help me...