StopBadware announces partnership with Verizon

Posted on March 4, 2011 - 12:55 by ccondon

StopBadware is delighted to announce today a new collaborator in our fight against badware: we enthusiastically welcome Verizon as our newest partner! Verizon joins a growing group of industry leaders who support StopBadware, including Google, Mozilla, PayPal, and Nominum.  Verizon has committed to a three-year partnership with StopBadware, during which we’ll work together to protect small businesses, expand educational resources for users, and develop new security strategies for the mobile space.

Verizon is a global provider of broadband and other communications services for mass market, business, government, and wholesale customers. The company has voiced its commitment to both securing its own network and helping to ward off security threats for others in the Internet ecosystem, and we at StopBadware are eager to combine our own expertise with Verizon’s  to better defend Internet users. We’re particularly excited about drawing on Verizon’s resources and knowledge to bolster conversation surrounding the mobile malware threat and innovative ways to combat it, like identifying new approaches to securing mobile handsets. Verizon, in turn, will take advantage of StopBadware’s experience creating tools and educational resources for users and setting standards for the security industry.

We’re pretty excited about this new partnership. Our relationship with Verizon brings unique opportunities to spread our badware-busting message to an even wider audience and to expand our work in the mobile field, among others. We’re looking forward to working closely with their team, so look this way in the coming months (and years!) to see what our collaboration yields.

The full press release is available at

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