Google offers automatic reporting for network operators

Our partners in Google's security team are offering a great new tool for operators of "autonomous systems" (ASes). Now, large web hosting companies and other AS operators will be able to request Safe Browsing Alerts for badware URLs that Google has detected on their networks. This will allow these operators to quickly learn of badware and hopefully take prompt action to notify customers, clean servers, patch vulnerabilities, and otherwise keep their networks clean.

Companies that identify badware websites have a responsibility to share this information with the sites' owners and/or hosting providers, and this new tool is an important step forward by Google in meeting that responsibility.

You can read more about the Safe Browsing Alerts on the Google Online Security Blog.

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Google offers automatic reporting for network operators

Gary says:

Well done to Google for making this information more easily and quickly available to large Web Hosting companies.
The sooner that the hosts are alerted to badware URLs the better for all Web surfers.

webbureau says:

I run a medium hosting center mainly for webshops, but couldent find any information on the provided link on actually how to sign up. Can anyone provide a link for reading more and signing up for the service ?

Maxim Weinstein says:

You should just have to go to and log in with a Google account. From there, it asks you for your ASN, and then walks through a verification process.

Wayne says:

I am all for your efforts to remove malware. I have worked at a site that was specifically targeted in keywords by the creators of malware in a effort to sensor our message by spam leading to malware. Which you people battled, bless your work.

However, I am concerned about false reports - this morning an entire free hosting company has been labeled instead of the subdomain that were the problem actually exists. I don't think that is right - I hope you can resolve this quickly.

MinSeok says:

Thank you for your info.