Google sees increase in detections

Niels from Google's security team posted some updated detection stats over on the team's blog:
As we mentioned in our Top-10 Malware Sites blog post, we have seen a large increase in the number of compromised sites since April. The number of entries on our malware list has more than doubled in one year, and we have seen periods in which 40,000 web sites were compromised per week. However, compared to infections associated with Gumblar and Martuz — two relatively large and well-known pieces of malicious code, many compromised web sites now point to hundreds of different domains. As these malware trends evolve, we're constantly improving our systems to better detect compromised web sites. The increase in compromised sites we observed may have also been influenced by our improved detection capabilities.
Google's significant increase in detection, along with our addition of Sunbelt Software as a data partner, means our Clearinghouse now holds nearly 420,000 actively reported badware URLs.
Niels also mentions another interesting data point, the percentage of Google searches that contain at least result that Google has flagged as bad, currently around 0.75%. The percentage has dropped since early last year, but has recently begun creeping back up, likely because of the increase in detected badware sites.