Google glitch causes confusion

This morning, an apparent glitch at Google caused nearly every [update 11:44 am] search listing to carry the "Warning! This site may harm your computer" message. Users who attempted to click through the results saw the "interstitial" warning page that mentions the possibility of badware and refers people to for more information. This led to a denial of service of our website, as millions of Google users attempted to visit our site for more information. We are working now to bring the site back up. We are also awaiting word from Google about what happened to cause the false warnings.
[Update 12:31] Google has posted an update on their official blog that erroneously states that Google gets its list of URLs from us. This is not accurate. Google generates its own list of badware URLs, and no data that we generate is supposed to affect the warnings in Google's search listings. We are attempting to work with Google to clarify their statement.
[Update 12:41] Google is working on an updated statement. Meanwhile, to clarify some false press reports, it does not appear to be the case that Google has taken down the warnings for legitimately bad sites. We have spot checked a couple known bad sites, and Google is still flagging those sites as bad. i.e., the problem appears to be corrected on their end.
For more information about how the process works and the relative role that Google and play, please see our Clearinghouse page or this question in our FAQ.
[Update 1:36] Google updated its statement to reflect that StopBadware does not provide Google's badware data.
[Update 2:35] Hopefully this will be the last update, as Google has acknowledged the error, apologized to its customers, and fixed the problem. As many know, we have a strong relationship with Google, which is a sponsor and partner of The mistake in Google's initial statement, indicating that we supply them with badware data, is a common misperception. We appreciate their follow up efforts in clarifying the relationship on their blog and with the media. Despite today's glitch, we continue to support Google's effort to proactively warn users of badware sites, and our experience is that they are committed to doing so as accurately and as fairly as possible.

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Google glitch causes confusion

Archy says:

Until now , google does not find out the problem , only said there has an error , in fact it was hacked by someone , how do it say ? You may go to , click the preference button , there has a language version named " HACKER " , this was appear after the search errors .

Being no honest company will got a bad result ... I dunno why google cannot just tell it was hacked.

Panama says:

i think this error can cost google billions in

Marge says:

I felt the same way this morning I thought I got a virus on the computer or hijacked. I did go into IE to explore if it was on there end. Couldn't find no one writing about it. I wish google would have informed us at google search to let us know it was on there end.

Aslex says:

I think we have to get down to business and forget about this problem. Imagine the whole world would use msn for search.. how many errors of this classification would we get then...?

Geo says:

I'll tell you what, it certainly wasn't pleasant having to use Yahoo for those 40 minutes because I couldn't find a darn thing I wanted!

dmondark says:

@chetan For Sergey's sake. Stop submitting the same comment over and over.

seo土å·åžƒ says:


dmondark says:

No one is perfect unless they say they're perfect. And if they say they're perfect people would expect perfection.
It was a "fail" and people will remember it as a fail. In fact, it is already being claimed as a global holiday. The day that google spat on the web.
It's OK. Mistakes happen. Errors happen. Forward slashes happen. No one is to blame - except for humans of course. But that's OK too.
It was a fun day.

chetan says:

Search engine really boost the software development speed , We experienced those 40 minutes of human errors , Google is the best
search engine among all . A small hole in the big ship can down it to bottom of sea .
Google take care .