ICANN improves system for reporting false whois data

ICANN, which among other things oversees Internet domain registration, improved its system for reporting false whois data.
ICANN requires accredited registrars—the companies that actually handle the registration of domain names—to obtain and publish accurate whois information for each registered domain and to investigate reports of false whois information. ICANN has sometimes been criticized for not enforcing this provision significantly and/or for not providing adequate tools to help security researchers submit information about false whois data to the registrars.
This new system attempts to address both criticisms. Not only is there a new reporting tool, but ICANN says, "Processes have been put in place to assess registrar compliance with RAA Whois inaccuracy investigation requirements."
As false whois data is often associated with domains used in phishing, malware, and spamming, I hope that the new tool and processes will prove valuable in fighting back against badware.
(Hat tip: Sandi at the Spyware Sucks blog.)