Open and transparent malware filtering

Posted on July 9, 2008 - 17:00 by egeorge

StopBadware's manager, Maxim Weinstein, has a "guest editorial": today in ZDNet's Zero Day security blog. The editorial urges more transparency in malware filtering by anti-virus companies, search engines, and web browsers.

Maxim argues that a good filtering system should have:
* A low false-positive rate
* Clear, publicly-available criteria for determining which sites are listed
* Information about why a particular site is listed
* A transparent, responsive process for requesting removal of incorrect or outdated listings
* Support and education for owners of compromised sites

Helping to foster these kinds of fair and open systems for user protection is, of course, one of StopBadware's missions. Have thoughts on ways to make malware filtering better? Share them in the comments to "Maxim's post":