Blacklisted by others

Blacklisted by others

If you searched for your site in StopBadware’s Clearinghouse, you may have seen that a company other than Google is blacklisting your site for badware activity. If one of our other data providers (e.g., ThreatTrack) is listing your site as bad, you can request an independent review from StopBadware after you have cleaned up your site.

For information on cleaning up your site, see:

Common hacks

Additional resources

You can also use a scanning engine such as VirusTotal's URL scanner to see whether any major antivirus companies are blacklisting your site. If you find that one or more security companies are listing your site(s) for some reason, you can contact those companies directly to get more information. 

If you are uncertain which, if any, of StopBadware's data providers are blacklisting your site for badware, you can search for your site's URL(s) in our Clearinghouse. Once you have found and removed the badware from your site, you can request a review on your site's search results page in the Clearinghouse, or by using the button below: